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While building a new irrigation dam for his farm, high up on the slopes of his mountain, the farm owner saw the possibility of creating a weekend getaway campsite. The campsite spot has unprecedented views all the way to Worcester, he felt that this spot was the perfect spot to set up a campsite. 

Soon after completion, the indigenous fauna and flora were reintroduced to the area and a vast stretch on the embankment was carpeted in a lawn to create a sense of space.


Container kitchen / bathroom

A small kitchen and bathroom area fulfil the necessary requirements for a self sufficient weekend away.

Space for more

Loads of space surrounding the container to park your own caravan, camping trailer, tents or campervan.

Exclusive & private

The owner of the land, refurbished an unused shipping container turning the space into a spacious shower room with a separate lavatory and very comfortable kitchen/scullery.

There is a space set up adjacent to the container and covered by a large roof with enough room to pitch a tent undercover too—perfect protection against the elements. 

It is a lovely campsite located on a working farm, but perfectly situated on the upper levels of the mountain side at the edge of a dam, to take in the views of the valley.

The campsite is private and exclusively booked per party of guests.




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Shower room with separate toilet and basin. Excellent pressure. Tiptop temperature from the gas geyser. 


There is a comfortable kitchen/scullery area with a gas stove and hot water supplied by gas geyser. 

Lights only

Lights are powered by solar power, however there are no electrical connections. 


There is a large firepit for braai’ing. Wood for braai’ing and the Kol-Kol hot tub is available to purchase on the premises.

Hot Tub

A KOL-KOL hot tub to enjoy while taking in the views.


Bring a gazebo or sun umbrella because the site does not have shade.

Bookings & Logistics



Check in :
from 14H00 – 19H00

Check out :

Sunday Check out:


There is 1KM of gravel road to get to the campsite and it is accessible with any high ground clearance vehicle (Bakkie or SUV), no need specifically for a 4X4.

The road is only suitable for OFF ROAD CARAVANS, “BOSWAENS” and TENTS.



Minimum stay of 2 nights over weekends


R1300 per night (includes 6 people and 2 vehicles).

Thereafter R120 per additional person per night up to maximum 25 people.

R50 per vehicle per night.


Holidays and Long weekends:


Minimum stay of 3 nights for holidays and long weekends.


Minimum daily rate: R1300 per night (includes 6 people and 2 vehicles).

Thereafter R120 per additional person per night up to 25 people.

R50 per vehicle per night



Bookings are non-refundable during school holidays.

Outside of school holidays, bookings can be rescheduled once with minimum 7 days notice, thereafter it is non-refundable. 

Rules & Extra Notes


  1. All nature conservation rules apply.
  2. No removing or cutting down of any plants/trees.
  3. No contamination of the water, fountains, river or kol kol tub with soap or other chemicals.
  4. You are only allowed to make fires in the provided fire pit.
  5. Fires need to be put out completely before leaving it unattended for a long time.
  6. Children need to be under supervision at all times.
  7. Do not use canvas that will damage grass (must have holes)
  8. All activities at own risk!